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When Jonathan and David started dating, they instantly connected over their love for skincare and the cosmetics industry. They were both getting into “clean” skincare, but yearned for fun, bold packaging and potent, science-driven formulas. As young twenty-somethings struggling to pay bills and rent on time in Los Angeles, they felt duped when they learned the expensive skincare they’d been buying was loaded with fillers that decrease the potency of products and can irritate sensitive skin. 

The couple turned their frustrations into action and created Tecco, a fun, functional, and effective skincare brand that embraces biotechnology and gives people everything their skin needs and nothing it doesn’t. Luxury, potent formulas at an affordable price. 

Founders Jonathan and David at Rollerskating rink.
Jonathan - Founder/CEO

Known as a sales and education guru in the cosmetics world, Jonathan was a Regional Account Executive for IGK Hair and has worked for brands like Beauty Blender, Smith & Cult, Clinique, and Belif. He was raised to be a hustler, thanks to his single mom who instilled strong Puerto Rican values and hope for the American dream.

Jonathan's passion for cosmetics began in film school when he fell in love with prosthetics and special effects makeup. While working as a freelance makeup artist for WWE, he realized the importance of a good skincare routine before applying makeup.